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Brasil Ride Pink Socks

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Pair of Half Medium Barrels (up to half of the shin) with medium compression.

Contains 1 pair

Toweled sole, breathable upper foot, true heel.

Product exerts moderate pressure.

ATTENTION: This product contains only health related properties and does not have medicinal properties. This product is not indicated for any type of illness or medicinal treatment.

Sock developed especially for sports practitioners and/or casual wear. It has a double load of Polyamide Dry Fit 6.6 with 80 twists located on the soles (part of the feet that touch the ground) for greater comfort, cushioning and low sweat absorption. Polyamide Dry Fit provides sweat evaporation and its transport, so as not to accumulate sweat between the skin and the sock. The upper part and also the contour of the plantar arch are coated in polyamide DRY FIT + LYCRA, allowing for greater and better ventilation.

Made of DRY FIT polyamide.

Sizes:  M 34-38 / G 39-43

Composition: 63% Polyamide / 30% Elastodiene / 7% Elastane.